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Resolutions 2023!

It's the beginning of the year and time to to issue the resolutions and to project the 2023 trends. We put on brand new gloves. In the right-hand corner: play more sports, eat better, talk to your friends more often, put on a new pair of gloves, andrmoney aside... money aside...and in the left-hand corner: a series of "trends" that I coulds I could call, without being mean, "wishful thinking" (wishful thinking) où most often providers services try to convince their future customers to bet on new tools that will change everything and that they can of course implement quickly and easily if and only if if they choose thesaid supplier.

But I propose to adopt another angle angle: qhat-What would we like to do and discuss a little more in 2023 ? In y thinking about it, I said to myself can-perhaps a theme unifying theme. Why not not speak....empathy?

Empathy towards those companies that need to make a transformation but don't know how to do it où start and who are submergeds of proposals. Empathy towards these organizations that have been in business long before l'arrival of the and have been in business since before the advent of digital technology.e heavy challenges and challenges and very concrete issues. It is good to design a roadmap roadmap roadmap, but if we don't talk about changes organizational, human resources, financial and other it really a roadmap?

Empathy of companies towards their employees, who find themselves less and less "understood" and involved at the strategic level, whether in terms of projects, culture or values. This can be seen at all organizational levels. In my circle, for example, many senior managers have left. Why have they left? Companies probably already know the answer, or does it really need to be explained? Some clues if you will: random strategic priorities, lack of recognition and acute meetingitis.

Empathy towards the agencies and consulting firms that must constantly be à on the lookout for new technologies, of micro and macro trends macro-economic trendswhile maintaining an internal critical mass of employees - to face a demand that itself, is never constant - and to whom we ask for the sea and the world while they have been waiting 6 months for the contract signed.

You see where I'm staying. In short, my wishlist 2023: let's have open conversations, show some respect towards our interlocutorsbe curious and remain open of mind. Let's avoid the buzzwords, the formulas, the pretension of everything know everything...In short, long live empathy!

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