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Digital transformation projects can touch many aspects: e-commerce, data strategy, mobile strategy, transition to cloud solutions, implementation or integration of systems, connected objects (IoT), artificial and augmented intelligence, etc.

The transformation can be done on the entire value chain of the organization or on specific segments: supply chain, production chain, operations, marketing, e-commerce, sales channels, human resources, finance, etc.

A cultural as well as technical transformation

What is not always well understood is that a digital transformation is an opportunity for a cultural transformation of the organization, to make it more human, more resilient and more innovative. This is all the more true in this post-pandemic context where telecommuting is the norm and there is still a shortage of workers in an often volatile global economy.

From project definition to execution

It's not just about implementing a technology solution, which an IT department can do. It's about designing a new set of experiences, products and services that take advantage of digital opportunities. Of course technology and its adoption takes up a lot of space in such a project, but what matters first and foremost are things like a strong culture and the definition of a very clear vision, strategy and goals. And the execution of that strategy is best done through separate governance in the form of a Program or Project Office (PMO).

The key role of the PMO

Program managers and project managers are key resources in the execution of your digital strategy, when it is necessary to mobilize and align the entire organization and its various business lines. They develop a global, cross-functional view that allows them to quickly identify risks and opportunities, verify the impact of initiatives and their alignment with the strategic axes. They know that strategic decisions must be made based on data (facts, metrics, data), not on "intuition". They are also in the best position to ensure the most effective communication between stakeholders.

The PMO will help your organization in this transition towards operational agility and towards an approach centered on human needs: those of the customer (CX), the end-user (UX) or the employee (EX) - methodologies that aim to optimize the value delivered, and the sustainability of this value. In short, the PMO is your best ally in the execution of your digital strategy.

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